Complexo Desportivo de VRSA

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Nelson Évora Prepares Sports Season at the VRSA High-Income Center


The Olympic and European triple-jump champion, Nelson Évora, is trainee until January 20 at the Vila Real de Santo António high-performance center.


The "sportinguista" athlete is in the Algarve accompanied by his coach, Iván Pedroso, who is also coaching the Frenchman Teddy Tamgho, world record holder of the triple in covered track, and Alexis Copello, who competes for Azerbaijan.

"I can say that we have to train in VRSA a training worthy of a world championship. It was me, in fact, that I suggested to my coach to train in Vila Real de Santo António, taking into account the excellent conditions at the level of equipment, climate and surroundings of this Center of High Income ", says Nelson Évora.

The initial training of the athlete was accompanied by the mayor of VRSA, Conceição Cabrita, who thanked the fact that, "once again, Nelson Évora chose the Sports Complex to prepare the season and constitute a true ambassador of national athletics and of the municipality itself, where he has been training since 1998.

Over the next few months, Nelson Évora plans to compete in the European indoor track, held in Glasgow from March 1-3, and his participation in the open-air World Championship in Qatar on 27 September the 6 of October.

It is recalled that the Sports Complex of Vila Real de Santo António was integrated, in 2015, by the Sports Foundation, in the national network of High Performance Sports Centers (CAR), being dedicated to the modalities of athletics, judo, football, triathlon and swimming.

Currently, it is one of the most accredited equipment at national and European level, receiving annually close to 7 thousand sports stages. It also has a medical center in its top structures.