Complexo Desportivo de VRSA

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The Sports Centre is located in the urban area boundary, about 10 minutes walk from the historic city center and is set in pine forest area of the National Forest of Coastal Dunes of Vila Real de Santo António stretching to Monte Gordo (the main tourist area of the county). The distance between the Sports Centre and Monte Gordo city is 2.5 km away (30 min walk).


International Airports:


The city of Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) is located at the following distance from International Airports:


✔ VRSA - Faro Airport: 53 km

✔ VRSA - Sevilhe (Spain) Airport: 161 km

 VRSA - Lisbon Airport: 326 km


High Speed Roads:

3 km from Vila Real de Santo António is the access to the A22 high speed road which connects with the A2 (route Lisbon) and the A49 (route Seville).