Complexo Desportivo de VRSA

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Swimming Pools

Sports Area 1052,50m²
Water Area

25m Swimming Pool

Area: 412,50m²

Lenght: 25m

Width: 16,50 m

Deep: 2,00 - 2,20 m

Lanes: 8

20m Swimming Pool

Area: 240 m²

Lenght: 20 m

Width: 12 m

Deep: 0,80m - 1,20m

Lanes: 6

50m Swimming Pool

Area: 400m²

Lenght: 50m

Width: 8m

Deep: 2,00 - 2,20m

Lanes: 3

Ceiling Height 8m 5m
Lighting 1500 Lux
PAS - Sound Yes
Seating Capacity 240 Seats
Dressing Rooms 6 (2 athletes, 2 Coaches, 2 Employers)
Technical Direction Office 40m²
Medical Room 18m²
Press Room 16m²
Gym 115m² (19m x 6m)
Storage Room 3
Distance to Health Unit 200m to Public and Private units

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