Complexo Desportivo de VRSA

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Outside Area

Sports Area 35.000m²
Facilities       Grassfield Throwing Area
2 Natural Grassfield (2x100m x65m) 1 Natural Grassfield (100m x 60m)
1 Synthetic Grassfield (126m x 70m) 1 Hammer / Discus Cage
2 Ramps (Lenght: 100m) 2 Discus Cages
1 Sand Box 2 Lanes for Javelin Throw 
  4 Sectors for Shot put
  1 Sector for Throwing events, Disables 
 Lighting  1200 Lux 
 Sports Surface  Natural Grass 
 Cross Country Track  2300m 
 Dressing Rooms 
 Storage Room 
 Medical Room   10m²
Distance to Health Unit 300m (Public) and 100m (Private)


Natural Areas around Sports Centre:


✔ National Forest (434 hectars) with 12Km of paths in the pine forest on dirt

✔ Natural Reserve of Castro Marim / VRSA

✔ Atlantic Coast (20Km and sand width of 100m)

✔ Guadiana River

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