Complexo Desportivo de VRSA

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  • Cycling

    In our region you will find roads with good quality, diverse topography and with low traffic.

    In addition to training on the road, the athletes can train on the open air cycling track in the nearby town of Tavira, located 20 Km from VRSA Sports Centre.


    ✔ Secondary roads on VRSA, Castro Marim, Alcoutim and Tavira

    ✔ Open air Cycling Track of Tavira (20Km of distance from our Sports Centre)

  • Running

    Regarding the conditions for running training, athletes have available the athletics track of the Stadium, cross-country paths in the Sports Centre and dirt paths in the National Forest.

    The beach can also be an option during the period of low seas.


    ✔ 400m Track - 8 lanes (Stadium)

    ✔ Cross-Country Paths (2,3Km)

    ✔ Dirt paths in the National Forest (12Km)

    ✔ Beach with 20 Km lenght

  • Swimming

    For swimming training, triathletes have two different water levels.

    The 50m indoor swimming pool with 3 lanes, intended for training camps and isolated from the rest of the spaces, and the 25m swimming pool with 8 lanes.

    During the Spring and Summer months, athletes have the possibility of training in the sea, where the waves are with low amplitude, the wind is unusual and the water temperature may vary from 14ºC in Spring and 22ºC in Summer.


    ✔ 25m Swimming Pool (8 lanes)

    ✔ 50m Swimming Pools (3 lanes)

    ✔ Open Water Training (sea with water temperature between 14ºC - 22ºC)


    *25m and 50m Swimming Pools - are able to have maximum 10 athletes per lane